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Alexis Summerfield, MA
San Francisco Bay Area Feng Shui Consultant
Northern California, located in the East Bay


Feng Shui Classes

Learn the power and techniques
of Feng Shui

- This is a complete non-accredited five-sessions course on the art and science of Feng Shui.

- I hold a Masters Degree in Teaching, awarded in 1992, from John F. Kennedy University - Orinda, California.

- Private sessions in person, in a group, by phone, via
teleconference or any combination.

- Learn the powerful methods of BTB Feng Shui that I was taught in 1992 directly from Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, who introduced Feng Shui to the West, as well as other techniques that I learned from renowned Feng Shui teachers Sean Xenia and Katherine Metz.

- Includes my comprehensive manual, "The Principles of Feng Shui."

- Receive an embossed Document of Accomplishment upon completion.

- If you choose, this entire five-session program can also be completed from your home to my office via phone and computer.

Course Outline...

- The history of Feng Shui and understanding the movement of energy.

- Locating the energetic divisions of a home or business using the Bagua.

- A complete understanding of the Bagua and how to place it.

- Understanding creative and destructive cycles of elements and colors.

- “The Three Secrets,” the powerful and ancient “Activation of Intention.”

- Transcendental cures and ancient Asian cures.

- The “Three Steps of Power,” balancing, consultation and ceremony.

- Furniture positioning for home and office.

- “The Five Thunders,” the activating mantras.

- Complete technique for balancing energies from a remote location.

...and more

Complete course only $1500

Major credit cards accepted

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