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"Alexis has Feng Shui'd several of my homes; most recently, my new house in Santa Fe. Her accuracy is uncanny from a distance! Without ever seeing my house, she pointed out extreme negative energy in one area. It turned out the electrical boxes were on my bedroom wall (electro-magnetic frequency), and that needed a cure so that my health would not be affected.

Thanks, Alexis! I'm loving my new home and I'm feeling great!"
- Ann C.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Before our session, my life was tilted! Little did I know until after our balancing and seeing the remarkable changes in my home, my life and my work, did I realize what I had been missing. Like a person who cannot see and is suddenly given the gift of sight, you only then wonder how you survived without vision. From our initial session, the ensuing months have given me a clear vision of the future of which I am no longer afraid!
Thank you, Alexis. Sincerely,
- Wendy M.
Snellville, Georgia

"Since I met Alexis, there has been some real magic in my life! I did a Feng Shui process that I learned from Alexis using a red envelope to help get support for an orphanage here in Venezuela. Within a day or two of completing the ceremony, the orphanage received a call from a charity group who had turned them down before - AND THEY OFFERED FUNDS!! It seems that life just keeps getting better since I've worked with her. The power in Feng Shui is truly amazing!"
- Marilyn J.
Maracaibo, Venezuela

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